Welcome to Frost Audio.

I specialize in music production work (Mixing, Mastering, Tracking) for anything sound related for all of Toronto and area

What I Do

Want bigger mixes? Professional tracked instruments/songs? Need some vocals to be recorded? Or just want your music to stand out? You’ve come to the right place! I also do full band tracking in a professional space! I’ve gone through school for Audio Engineering & Music Production so I’m confident in helping you achieve your goals! Music has been a passion of mine ever since I was young so let’s turn your ideas into something you can show off! Let me help you every step of the way from ideas, arrangements & recording all the way to the mastering stage!

Live Instrument & Vocal Recording

  • Microphone placement to get the best sound out of your instruments
  • Vast knowledge of microphones
  • Microphone selection to give you more options
  • In studio recording, treated rooms to ensure great end results 
  • Pro Tools tacking for industry standard playback 
  • Re amping, add flavour and effects to your DI tracks through real amps


  • Arrange tracks to prepare for the mixing stage
  • EQ to make instruments stand out in the mix 
  • Compression to add depth 
  • Special FX to add flavour
  • Plugins selection to add the sounds you like best
  • Autotune to assist vocals 
  • Melodine to get the perfect pitch 


  • DB mach any music platform (Spotify,soundcloud,youtube)
  • Competitive volumes to meet standards 
  • Sound enhancement to make your projects stand out from the rest 
  • Techniques to brighten and add depth

Podcast/Ebook & Video Sound

  • Edits to make podcasts/ videos sound natural and smooth
  • Sound design to give your projects a personal touch
  • Sound to picture edits to mach video and sound together
  • Vocal adjustment to make voices sound more crisp and clear 
  • Music additions to give your projects theme or depth

Here Are Some Of My Samples